HealthStep® is an active partner in helping achieve the required lower extremity related clinical care protocols for patients with diabetes

While providing benefits similiar to our CLUE tool, HealthStep is a Population Health Management (PHM) program specifically designed in partnership with Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living facilities and medical practices that utilize the services of a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) to reduce the development of diabetic foot complications.


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The HealthStep program provides affiliated facilities with the ability to meet all diabetes related lower extremity quality reporting measures.

Arche Healthcare’s HealthStep tool was architected with a specific focus on those with cognitive issues to better help themselves, family members and associated caregivers, reduce the potential for diabetic foot complications.

Cost-effective and designed for maximum engagement, HealthStep makes it easy for forward-thinking Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living facilities and Podiatric practices to apply a standardized stratification protocol to move the needle on preventable wounds and improve patient outcomes while at the same time help patients remain active and ambulatory.