Do you know which of these people will develop a diabetic foot ulcer?

Asensia Healthcare is a leading Population Health Management (PHM) provider with a focus on diabetic foot health. Our patient-centered diagnostic devices combined with our PHM tools reduce diabetes-related lower extremity wounds and amputations by up to 50%

At-Risk Conditions

Architected for a comprehensive patient experience, Asensia Healthcare’s platforms equip healthcare providers and relevant healthcare stakeholders with a strategy to systematically identify, stratify and engage diabetes patients to reduce their risk for developing life-threatening diabetic foot complications

Clinical Outcomes

Asensia’s proprietary software platforms are engineered to manage patient data and provide insightful and individualized diabetic foot risk stratification profiles to help prevent the potential for catastrophic lower extremity related health consequences

Costly Complications

Our mission is to “prevent the first wound” and dramatically impact the $30 billion annual cost of diabetes related lower extremity complications